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    The culminating event of this years largest Car Media Competition came to a roaring close in Taipei Taiwan, with an additional 40 cars rounding out the over 400 cars competing from 10 different countries across Asia and Russia.The event was a showcase of all of Taiwan’s best offerings in car audio, with many shops from in and around Taipei making it to the event to help Taiwan take home some of the trophies in both the Sound Quality categories as well as EMMA Tuning.We were also happy to see many industry people from all over the world visit this years Asia Finals, with many people in high spirits, eagerly rooting for their countries. This years finals also showcased a very varied result, with EVERY country taking home a trophy,With the great results, and and an affiliates as well as a industry meeting held the day after the awarding ceremony, we are happy to report the great steps that have been taking to continuously make the EMMA Asia Championships the largest car media event anywhere on the planet.


    The 2019 Asia Finals will now feature a total of 10 stages across Asia, and now includes 1 city in Far East Russia, which presents an opportunity for our European competitors to consider participating.

    THE 8 JUDGES From Around The Asia And Europe Will Traveling Around The Countries
    Marc Ayes (Philippines)
    Glen Saitowitz (Switzerland)
    Gennady Litvin (Russia)
    Adison De Campo (Philippines)
    Nithipatra (Thailand)
    Adrian Malabanan (Philippines)
    Poh Chong Hwee (Malaysia)
    Eddie Soesanto (Indonesia)

    THE STAGES OF 2019
    October 6 -  Seoul, South Korea 1st STAGE
    October 12 -  Vladivostok Russia 2nd STAGE
    October 20 - Osaka, Japan 3rd STAGE
    November 10 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 4th STAGE
    November 12-13 -Bangkok, Thailand 5th STAGE
    November 16-17 - Jakarta, Indonesia 6th STAGE
    November 20 - Singapore 7th STAGE
    November 24 - Foshan China 8th STAGE
    November 27 - Manila, Philippines 9th STAGE
    November 30 - Taipei, Taiwan FINAL STAGE


      This Year´s EMMA Asia Finals will be again the biggest Global Sound competition series. 7 Cities in 7 Countries, hundreds of competitors and amazing shows around the events.  All this is only possible because of the great support for the Sponsors.

      The 2018 EMMA Asia Finals are powered by Audiotec Fischer (Brax, Helix, Match), Ground Zero and Silent Coat as Main Sponsors
      The 2018 EMMA Asia Finals will take place on 8 different Locations in 7 Nations

      Stage 1: November 7. Jakarta, Indonesia – Q Big Serpong
      Stage 2: November 10. Taipei, Taiwan – Miramar Entertainment Park
      Stage 3: November 14. Manila, Philippines – Filinvest Tent, Alabang
      Stage 4: November 17-18. Korat, Thailand – Save One, Korat
      Stage 5: November 23. Foshan, China – Vanke Plaza Mall
      Stage 6: November 25. Singapore – Carros Centre
      Stage 7: December 1-2. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – USJ One City

      The Judge team Members are:

      A. Costas Christopolous (Greece)
      B. Glen Saitowitz (Switzerland)
      C. Genna Litvin (Russia)
      D. Ricky Sutanto (Indonesia)
      E. Edy Susanto (Indonesia)
      F. Wayne Tung (Taiwan)
      G. Adison de Ocampo (Phillipines)
      H. Jino Bhucksasri (Phillipines)
      I. Diyoy Cabahug (Phillipines)
      J. Adrian Malabanan (Phillipines)
      K. Nithipatra Achirapongpakin (Thailand)

        New rules, new competition CD and new competition classes – that means a lot of new content and exciting challenges for EMMA judges!As part of the event trio of EMMA Head Judge training, CarMediaWorld and EMMA European finals, training coordinator Chris Körbel and his team spent three days preparing more than 100 EMMA judges from more than 20 nations for a successful and thrilling competition season. In various theoretical and practical training sessions, the competition CD and the rulebooks were transformed to become perfect tools for the professional evaluation of sound and entertainment vehicles, which were equipped according to EMMA regulations. After examination and ceremonial certification, the newly authorized Head Judges had the chance to put their newly acquired knowledge into practice at the EMMA European Finals.

        Cartens® Autosound And Installation | Indonesia Trusted Car Audio™ Showroom Dan Workshop Audio Mobil Modern Jakarta Selatan Indonesia dapat mengikuti event international setiap dua tahunan ini di Salzburg Austria. EMMA INTERNATIONAL HEAD JUDGE TRAINING 2018 ini bertujuan untuk melatih skill dari setiap pelaku, enthusias dan hobbies dunia audio mobil dan multimedia untuk menyamakan persepsi dan skill untuk bidang sound quality, multimedia dan loud system.
        Terima kasih atas supportnya kepada Cartens® Autosound And Installation | Indonesia Trusted Car Audio™ Showroom Dan Workshop Audio Mobil Modern Jakarta Selatan kami berhasil disertifikasi sebagai EMMA INTERNATIONAL HEAD JUDGE.

        • Cartens® Autosound And Installation | Indonesia Trusted Car Audio™ Showroom Dan Workshop Audio Mobil Modern Jakarta Selatan Indonesia berkesempatan mengikuti event akbar otomotif terbesar Indonesia dan Asia Pasifik yaitu GIIAS 2017 yang diadakan pada tanggal 10-20 Agustus 2017. Berkolaborasi dengan merk audio mobil terkenal Indonesia yaitu CRESCENDO Cartens® Autosound And Installation | Indonesia Trusted Car Audio™ ikut dalam event pameran dan ekshibisi untuk memperkenal merk audio mobil nusantara ke khalayak pencinta audio mobil Indonesia.

          Brand-brand yang dipamerkan seperti CRESCENDO, SILENT COAT, GROUND ZERO, CLIO, AUDIOWAVE dan masih banyak lagi brand-brand berkualitas baik dari lokal maupun dari luar. Promo-promo menarik dapat diperoleh setiap kali ada gelaran pameran di GIIAS 2017 ini. 

          • Thank You GOD, That In November 2016 Cartens® Autosound And Installations Launched The First Indonesia's Modern Car Audio Video Demoroom In Our 2nd Floor Showroom Jakarta.In Front Of All Invites Customers, Business Colleaque And Media this Showroom And Demoroom Provide Our Customers With Various Branded And Classy Car Audio Video Components, From Local Until International Products Available In Our Demoroom And Customers Can See, Hear And Install Their Own Choice Of Components For Their InCar Entertaintment. Cartens® Autosound And Installations Commits To Give The Best And First Class Services For All Cartens® Autosound South Jakarta's Customers. 

            Puji Tuhan, Pada Bulan November 2016 Kami Cartens® Autosound Jakarta Meresmikan Ruang Demo Dan Showroom Lantai 2 Yang Merupakan Showroom Audio Mobil Modern Pertama Di Indonesia. Dihadiri Oleh Segenap Undangan Baik Dari Media, Kolega Bisnis Dan Juga Kustomer. Terima Kasih Kepada Setiap Undangan Yang Telah Hadir. Ruangan Ini Menampilkan Demo Audio Dan Visual Produk Audio Mobil Dengan Variasi Brand-Brand Terkenal Baik Dari Lokal Maupun Internasional. Cartens® Autosound And Installations Jakarta Selatan Sebagai Workshop Audio Mobil No.1 Jakarta Selatan Selalu Melakukan Inovasi-Inovasi Baik Dari Segi Pelayanan Maupun Teknikal Skill Agar Kustomer mendapatkan Pengalaman Dan Hasil Terbaik Dari Instalasi Audio Mobil. Cartens® Autosound And Installations Berkomitmen Memberikan Hasil Berkelas Dan Terbaik Untuk Setiap Kustomer Yang Telah Memberikan Kepercayaan Kepada Kami Untuk Menghasilkan Sistem Hiburan Dalam Mobil Terbaik bagi Kustomer.

            • In 2016, Another Blessing From GOD That Eddie Soesanto - Cartens Autosound And Installations Can Participated In EMMA INTERNATIONAL HEAD JUDGE TRAINING in SALZBURG, AUSTRIA. Departed From Jakarta To Munich And Transit In Dubai From 13-21 March 2016. That Event Was An Annual Event Which Are The EMMA Around The World Will Gather Together For The EMMA EURO FINALS And INTERNATIONAL HEAD JUDGES TRAINING From EMMA UK Until EMMA BRAZIL. The Country And Events Are Awesome Also Friendly Thanks All!

              Pada Tahun 2016, Kami Mendapatkan Lagi Berkat Tuhan. Eddie Soesanto Dari Cartens Autosound And Installations Dapat Berpartisipasi Pada Event Tahunan EMMA EROPA yaitu EMMA INTERNATIONAL HEAD JUDGE TRAINING di Salzburg, Austria. Berangkat dari Jakarta Ke Munich-Jerman Dengan Transit Di Dubai Dan Diteruskan Ke Austria Mulai tanggal 1 -21 Maret 2016 Merupakan Event Training Tahunan Yang Diadakan Di Salzburg oleh EMMA GLOBAL Untuk ACARA EMMA EURO FINAL dan TRAINING INTERNATIONAL JUDGES Dan Dihadiri Oleh EMMA Seluruh Eropa Mulai Dari EMMA UK Hingga EMMA BRAZIL. 

              • In 2015, Thanks GOD For Total Achievements From Cartens Autosound And Installations That We Collected 50 National Sound Quality Trophies And 02 Asia Multimedia Trophies. All Achievements Also Supported By Our Competition Team Southern Stereo Addicts

                Hingga Tahun 2015 Puji Tuhan Kami Cartens Autosound And Installations Telah Mengumpulkan Total 50(Lima Puluh) Piala Sound Quality Dan Multimedia Untuk Event Nasional Indonesia dan Juga 02(Dua) Buah Piala Dari Event Regional Asia Untuk Kelas Multimedia. Keseluruhan. Team Kompetisi Audio Mobil Dan Modifikasi Dari Cartens Autosound And Installations Di Dukung Oleh Southern Stereo Addicts

                • In 2013, With GOD Blessing, After Several Up And Down Events In Business Also The Fire Accident That Occur In 2013 That Cost Us A Lot Of Resource We Finally Decided That We Had To Moved To A Bigger Workspace. Finally We Can Moved To New Workshop Rukan Pusat Niaga Duta Mas Fatmawati Blok D2 No.22, South Jakarta So We Could Give Better Services To Our Customers.In Our New Workshop, We Have Customer Lounge, Product Display Room,Demo Room And Also A Clean Workshop To Build Our Customer Cars.

                  Pada Tahun 2013, Puji Tuhan Cartens Autosound And Installations Dapat Pindah Dari Tempat Kerja Yang Lama Ke Tempat Baru Yang Lebih Baik Yaitu Di Alamat Baru Rukan Pusat Niaga Duta Mas Fatmawati Blok D2 No.22 Jakarta Selatan telepon 02172798998 Di Tempat Yang Baru Merupakan Rukan 4 Lantai Yang 2 Lantai Kami Pakai Untuk Showroom Dan Workshop dimana lantai 1 merupakan tempat instalasi pembuatan kayu dan fiber serta instalasi produk-produk audio mobil. Lantai 2 terdapat ruang tunggu, ruang demo dan showroom untuk produk-produk audio mobil.

                  • In 2012,  Cartens Autosound And Installations Car Audio Video Showroom And Workshop At South Jakarta won 2 trophies From ASIA BIGGEST CAR AUDIO COMPETITIONS, 1st Position in EMMA ASIA FINALS 2012 MultiMedia 2.1 For Overall Categories and Also Sound And Picture Categories.In the same year,  Cartens Autosound And Installations also won 1st Position In EMMA ALL INDONESIA FINALS Multimedia 2.1 Class  with our customer car, Nissan Navara owned by Mr. Christy Kristianto.

                    Di Tahun 2012, Cartens Autosound And Installations Showroom Audio Mobil Dan Workshop No.1 Di Jakarta Selatan Memenangi 2 Piala Bergengsi Dari Event EMMA ASIA FINALS 2012 untuk kelas Multimedia 2.1. dua piala tersebut untuk kategori overall dan kategori suara & gambar. Bagi Cartens Autosound And Installations Merupakan Suatu Kebanggaan Dapat Meraih Podium Pertama di Ajang Paling Pertandingan Audio Mobil Paling Bergengsi di Asia dimana peserta pertandingan datang dari seluruh bagian Asia mulai dari China, Jepang, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Phillipines, Singapore Dan Malaysia. Mobil Yang Kami Gunakan Adalah NISSAN NAVARA yang dimiliki oleh Mr.Christy Kristanto

                    • In Year 2006-2011 After Several Years Competing With Daihatsu Xenia in 2K Class Thanks GOD,Total 14 Trophies Until 2011 With 7 1st Place Trophies, 6 2nd Place Trophies and 1 3rd Place Trophy. "Good Installations Quality Will Result In Great Sound Quality" - Cartens Autosound And Installations Automotive Entertaintment Showroom And Workshop At South Jakarta.

                      Pada tahun 2006-2011 Cartens Autosound Dan Instalasi telah berkompetisi dibeberapa event sound quality dengan mobil Daihatsu Xenia dan berkompetisi di kelas budget 2K antara 15-25juta, dan puji Tuhan nya kami berhasil mengkoleksi total 14 piala sound quality dengan 7 piala juara 1(pertama), 6 piala juara ke 2(dua) dan 1 buah piala juara ke-3(tiga). "Instalasi Yang Baik Dan Benar Akan Menghasilkan Kualitas Suara Yang Bagus." Cartens Autosound Dan Instalasi Merupakan Showroom Dan Workshop Audio Mobil Di Jakarta Selatan Dengan Kualitas No.1 dan Kepuasan Pelanggan Merupakan Hal Yang Utama.

                      • In 2006, The First Sound Quality Trophy That We Brought Home Is 2nd Place Sound Quality Djarum Auto Blackthrough With Daihatsu Xenia, JHCC Jakarta,Desember 2006, We Learnt A Lot About How To Built Proper Competition Car And How To Tuned It Even More We Also Learnt About Car Audio Technical, Passive Crossover With Mr.Andreas Tjahjadi From Audioplus. We Would Like To Thank You Mr.Andreas Tjahjadi For The Advanced Car Audio Lessons That He Has Taught Us.

                        Di Tahun 2006, Piala kemenangan dari kompetisi sound quality pertama yang diperoleh Cartens Autosound Dan Instalasi ialah juara 2 di event soundquality Djarum Auto Blackthrough dengan mobil Daihatsu Xenia di JHCC Desember 2006. Kami belajar mengenai bagaimana cara membuat mobil kontes yang baik dan benar juga bagaimana cara menyetel sistem audio mobil untuk kompetisi. Kami juga belajar mengenai teknikal audio mobil, pasif crossover dengan Mr.Andreas Tjahjadi dari Audioplus. Dikesempatan ini kami ingin berterimakasih kepada Mr.Andreas Tjahjadi untuk training lanjutan mengenai audio mobil.

                        • In 2005 We Would Like To Improve Our Skills In Car Audio, We Built Our First Sound Quality Contest Car, Toyota Grand Innova for ABT Car Audio Contest , The Result Was Not Good Enough That Because The Competition Car Is Not Well Prepared.We Also Learnt So Much About Car Audio From Lukito And Rudy Who Had Been In The Car Audio Business For Longer Time Than Us. After The We Learnt From The Defeat, We Built A Second Sound Quality Contest Car With Daihatsu Xenia.It Took Almost 1 Year To Build Our Second Sound Quality Contest Car. This Time With A Well Prepare Installations.

                          Tahun 2005 kami ingin menambah pengalaman dengan membangun mobil kompetisi audio pertama kami, yaitu di mobil Toyota Grand Innova untuk event ABT kontes audio. Hasil yang didapat tidak terlalu bagus karena menurut kami mobil kompetisi tersebut tidak dipersiapkan dengan baik. Kami juga banyak belajar dari teman kami yang telah berpengalaman dibidang audio mobil yaitu Lukito dan Rudy. Kekalahan tersebut membuat kami akhirnya mempersiapkan mobil kontes kedua dengan Daihatsu Xenia dengan lebih baik dan matang dan memakan waktu hampir 1 tahun.

                          • We Realized That Hobby,Passion And Interest Were Not Enough To Build A Great Sound Quality And Installations Quality In Our Customers Cars So We Took Car Audio Training In Audioworkshop With Mr. Wahyu Tanuwidjaja As One Of The Trainer. We Learnt About Basic Installation, Passive Crossover And Also About Active Crossover. We would like to thank you Mr. Wahyu Tanuwidjaja For The Basic Car Audio Training That He Has Taught Us.

                            Kami sadar bahwa hobi dan semangat kami untuk dunia audio mobil termasuk sound quality dan instalasi di mobil kustomer kami butuh skill dan pengetahuan yang lebih dalam. Kami pun mengambil training di Audioworkshop dengan Mr. Wahyu Tanuwidjaja sebagai salah satu pengajarnya. Kami menambah pengetahuan mengenai instalasi dasar, pasif crossover, crossover aktif dan lain-lain oleh sebab itu kami ingin mengucapkan banyak terima kasih kepada Mr.Wahyu Tanuwidjaja atas waktu dan pengajarannya.

                            • Based On Our Hobby,Passion And Also Interests In Car Audio, We Established Cartens Autosounds And Installations Workshop, CARTENS named actually Comes From CARTENZ PEAK Known As One Of The Seven Summit In The World And The Tallest Mountain In Indonesia. Our First Store Was In Pusat Niaga Onderdil Duta Mas Fatmawati #2nd Floor Number 38 With 12Meter Square And Located At South Jakarta In 2002.

                              Berdasarkan pada hobi dan kesukaan pada dunia audio mobil, kami mendirikan Workshop
                              Cartens Autosounds Dan Instalasi, CARTENS diambil dari nama puncak gunung tertinggi di Indonesia yaitu Puncak CARTENZ yang juga termasuk dari 7 puncak tertinggi di dunia. Alamat Workshop kami yang pertama adalah di Pusat Niaga Duta Mas Fatmawati Lantai 2 No.38 dengan luas kios 12 meter persegi di lokasi Jakarta Selatan.

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